Mission Impossible update!


So, it says we had to drop off the car at the end of the holiday to Chicago O’Hare Airport. The OTHER end of America. Ain’t gonna haaaappen. And they still hadn’t got back to me about changing it.

Rang Virgin up again today and spoke to a nice cheery gentlemen who put me on hold for ages. How nice of him.

Told him of the dilema, since they seem to have forgotten, and after the lengthy wait he said proudly that he had changed it so we could drop off the car in Las Vegas airport. cool.

Actually not cool, cos after Vegas we still have to drive to Santa Monica in California!?

‘Oh yeah’ he said, and then said ‘i’ll change that for you, anything else?’.

I just know I’m gonna have to ring them back again to make sure, otherwise i’m gambling the car away on blackjack in Vegas and it’s staying there, permanently.


2 Responses to “Mission Impossible update!”

  1. misterjolly Says:

    please make double sure of this.
    Can you also check about the return fee?
    Give it the hard sell being as they are fucking us about.
    Also find out if they are ver going to send us any hard copy about hotel info, directions etc.

  2. muddybloke Says:

    Well he said he was going to change it to L.A. airport as a drop-off now, so looks like return fee isn’t a problem.

    I asked about getting info about the hotels while I was on phone – he said it will be in post.

    So when the info comes through, will check about it saying the correct drop off etc. Will chase em again if we don’t get anything through the post next week.

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