We come in peace, shoot to kill, shoot to kill


we come in peace, shoot to killOne thing we are definitely doing in Vegas is going to a gun range to shoot some random weapons. Last time I was in Vegas we went to some little shack in the middle of nowhere and fired various pistols at one of these targets.

”Would you like to shoot a basic target, or Bin Laden’s face son?’ You gotta love the patriism.

Maybe i’ll check out this place this time round, since all their visitor pictures tend to be women? – we all know it’s mainly old fat men with dark glasses, checked shirts and a toothpick hanging from their mouths, but here’s hoping.

Typical Vegas Gun Range


3 Responses to “We come in peace, shoot to kill, shoot to kill”

  1. misterjolly Says:

    when you absolutely, positively got to kill every mother fucker in the room…

    …we have SO got to be doing this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. muddybloke Says:

    Mike missed out on the shooting last time, so it’s a must….*clink* *clink* *whizzzzzz* *click* *BLAAAAM*

  3. misterjolly Says:

    just be carefull. If they do a chem test on you at the airport you will be well fucked. The gunshot residue on the targets will be picked up and you will now the meaning of ‘way of the fist’.

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