Go West!


Hoorah! – My maps of the 8 American States of Route 66 have arrived. We can see all the places to stop along the way, and places to speed through.

Go West!

Luke has just ordered a suction clamp off the net too. What the hell is that? – No it’s not from the Anne Summers Summer Range, it’s for the hire car. It’s a clamp that fits on the side of the car so we can film our journey with Luke’s HD video camera.

We’ll be able to stick it to the bonnet to film all the jumps, as well as to the side of the car to see the close up action as we clip the hitchhikers as they spin into the ditches. This could be fun. No doubt they’ll be footage of us in the car fast asleep too, and of every woman that is remotely walking past the car.


3 Responses to “Go West!”

  1. 110101011010101 Says:

    you gonne need some of this ginger boy

  2. Skyring Says:

    Woohoo! Good old Amazon! They got a tonne of stuff about Route 66. Nowhere in Canberra has anything. Borders. Cripes. You’d think a whopping great hall full of books, they’d have something about the most famous road in existence? Nope.

    I ordered up those maps, and got them delivered to our friends in Chicago. As it was, the only bit of Route 66 we knowingly drove on was in Oklahoma, and that map is stuck into my travel journal, so I’ve got seven maps for the next trip…

    Loved the way that the maps gave directions for driving some of the old road. It would peter out into wilderness and “Road Closed” signs all too often, but it was a thrill, still.

    Looks like I’ve solved the mystery of the car clamp. Gotta get me one of those. I’m off on a Boston-Chicago roadtrip – I’ve requested a Mustang – next month. Might see if I can get it delivered to Canberra before I fly out and have a nifty bit of kit in my bags to puzzle the security guys. “What’s this thing, sir?” “Ah, mate, it’s private. My wife and I are trying to conceive, and well…” “Ewwwww!”

  3. muddybloke Says:

    Yeh the car clamp was def a good idea – it just doesn’t come off! – I don’t know if you saw the earlier post of us testing it and it cracking the windscreen! – only since we didn’t loosen it enough first, and just yanked it. Lesson learned, lol.

    Otherwise it a very good clamp. We started off using on the side of the car on the metalwork and checking to see how study it was. It had a little red line where you see if it is losing pressure easily enough, but to be fair it was fine the entire time.

    We eventually used it more on the windows since there wasn’t as much vibration, the metalwork wobbled a bit yer see.

    And those maps were really useful. They didn’t look much at first, but was the best map for following the original road.

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