My name? ah, yes it’s….


up yours…J…R…Hartley.

Well it bluddy feels like it! – Why is it so difficult to get a book on Route 66?

Went into WHSmiths today to look for one, found nowt, apart from a random book on how to take your kids to Vegas??! – what’s that all about? – Do yer lock em in yer hotel room with a Nintendo DS and a weeks supply of Nachos, and then b*gger off into Sin City and gamble yer mortgage away? – weird.

err anyway, yeah, no books in WHSMmiths, though I asked the woman there and she looked up on the system for route 66 books and started reading em Allll out.

‘Errr, have you got any of them in?’….No. And how many books are there on it? – ‘Um, about 50’. Good Shop.

Same went for Waterstone’s, and then even the larger Waterstone’s further across the shopping centre couldn’t find any, even the blantant over-camp man behind the counter skipped around the shop looking for me for ages. (Looking for a book, not looking for me, I might add. I had left by then, just in case he was).

Looks like I’ll buy from the Web then. Oh well.


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