Come in Rubber Duck…


Our route across America will be updated right here on the blog everyday we move,  so anyone bothered can get even more jealous.

Danny’s dad has posted a map of america up over his desk so he can see where we are each day, and radio us in any smokeys in the area in case we need to get outta dodge.

Actually we are driving quite close to Dodge City, might pay a visit and then speed out of it very quickily.

previously on LOST

god it's a long way


One Response to “Come in Rubber Duck…”

  1. Bandit Control! Says:

    Quite close to Dodge City – everything relative I guess: It’s around 220 miles out from Oklahoma City and the same back to Amarillo (feel a song comin’ on).
    440 miles at 55MPH is 8 hours driving, non-stop – minor detour by US standards, go for it!!

    ……………… wonder if I can hack NASSA control and track you on satellite??

    Have a great trip – bon voyage!

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