Today we fly!!!!!!!


We should be taking off round about NOW!

Whoop Whoop – time to watch loads of films on the plane and not sleep like we should be doing.

Let’s hope there’s plenty of ladies like this, and not totally made up of friends Danny knows off Gaydar.


4 Responses to “Today we fly!!!!!!!”

  1. spudgun tuohy Says:

    good luck lads, don’t bring back any swine flu but bring back loads of std’s, but only the one’s that are reasonably harmless and you can get sorted …. nothing with puss coming out the end of your fella hopefully.
    on that bombshell … speak to ya soon and will be watching what happens

  2. daniel bryson Says:

    Well your There by now make sure you have loads of drinks on me,and bring me back a hookers finger or other random body part,i’m not fussy.

  3. Nick Harris Says:

    Keep a copy of Friday’s newspaper… just heard some news… two words Michael Jackson!!!!!!

  4. Nick Harris Says:

    Have a great time… you lucky, lucky people.

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