Food Stop!


On route as I type. Just stopped off to get some food at Ariston Cafe, Litchfield for a bite to eat.

We are using their free wi-fi in the booth while we eat nice greasy chicken sandwiches. Danny has already ordered chips and got a plate of crisps with his sandwich. The owner came over especially and laughed at him. brilliant.



3 Responses to “Food Stop!”

  1. Bandit Control Says:

    Nice one Danny – another Limey hits The Route!

  2. Skyring Says:

    We stopped there! Just on dusk after a day spent getting lost on the old road and stopping to take pictures and well, you know the deal. As is my custom, I asked for a local beer, and got annoyed when they brought me a Budweiser.

  3. muddybloke Says:

    Yeh, i remember we had spent far too much time following the old route 66 road off the interstate that day and finding that old traditional place to eat some nice stodgy food.

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