giggity giggity, gig-git-y


We spent ages on the road today, driving along the original route 66 route and stopping off to take photos and film of various random stuff. We arrived in Springfield fairly late and then ventured out for a bite to eat and found this charming eating establishment.

All the hostesses were extremely friendly and first class (tasty). Especially the brunette, but she wasn’t on the menu unfortunately.

Why are we only staying here one day?!?!?!



5 Responses to “giggity giggity, gig-git-y”

  1. Danny Says:

    Jeez, ordered chips again and *still* get it wrong!! 😦

  2. Bandit Control Says:

    Danny – I guess you meant chaps!

    And – of course guys – Hooters just happened to be the only place serving food!!

  3. daniel bryson Says:

    danny looks out of place for some reason then again so does luke,there not clapping their hands in an excited manner.

  4. daniel bryson Says:

    very nice

  5. daniel bryson Says:

    very very nice

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