Dava will hate me


Funnily enough our new hotel was right my another nice restaurant. I picked myself up a wife for Vegas.

Good times.



9 Responses to “Dava will hate me”

  1. PantherEyes Says:

    Oh ABOUT time Tim!!! Get in there 😉

  2. Bandit Control Says:

    You wished!!
    She doesn’t look too chuffed with the idea.

    The planning IS impressive though – all hotels next to the local Hooters – that takes some organising.

    Is the car starting to smell bad? I reckon Danny’s had same shirt/shorts combo on for about a week so far!

  3. Dava Roopchand Says:

    Hope you get AIDS.

  4. muddybloke Says:

    Actually she was very friendly indeed. We were standing there a while waiting for Danny to take the photo! And besides we have her tied up in the trunk. It’s legal in this state apparantly.

  5. daniel bryson Says:

    SKIN HER LIKE BUFFALO BILL,THEN WEAR HER LIKE A COAT .Goodbye horses im crying over you!!

  6. muddybloke Says:

    Funnily eough im putting the lotion on the skin at the moment – too much sun in the car!

  7. Danny Says:

    @Bandit Control: Traveller’s trick: Pack little, go a long way 🙂

  8. spudgun tuohy Says:

    so did you grab her puppies then?
    its not like your gonna see her again !
    you’ve gotta make sure the next one you get a pic with you grab her arse just as you say cheese, will be a kodak moment !!

  9. muddybloke Says:

    ok mr tuohy if we go again i’ll try the plan. Mike says theres a Hooters Hotel in Vegas?!?!? – may just visit.

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