Finding Route 66


It’s working out quite well with us all in the car. Finding some of the original Route 66 roads are easy enough since you can see these signs, and some roads have the odd route 66 logo painted on them still.

But other place dont have any signs etc so can be a nightmare. But what with Sat Nav (she can be a bit unpredictable mind you), state maps, route 66 specific maps that I got before we came out, and various Route 66 books, we are finding exploring lots of fun.

We have been taking it in turns to drive, read from the guides, and follow the maps, as well as looking out for route 66 clues, and play our ipods in turn. Doing it on your own would take you aaaages.



2 Responses to “Finding Route 66”

  1. Bill Nosky Says:

    Hey Bloaks, stop taking pictures of the clouds and the rocks and get some action shots. I know that guy Mike doesn’t drink, but what about the rest of you teetootelers ??

    If you guys took a tour of Route 90 back to WNY, we would show you how to drink some pints and and eat some ribs.

    Just to spice things up, why don’t you bloaks grow some hair on your asses and let it loose in Vegas. I fully expect to see some excitement in Vegas, so you best not disappoint.

  2. muddybloke Says:

    Vegas may just be blocked out on the blog. Besides we cant take pictures when we are drunk. Mike says u cant drink properly anyway 😉

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