Hotter than Hot


Yeah, so arrived in Vegas after passing over the Hoover Dam. lots of pics as usual – but they are all on the other camera, so might stick some photos up later on – probably not today or tomoro since its our last night in Vegas, and if last night was anything to go by, tomorro we won’t be functioning fully.

Plus we have some more roadkill to add! – tune in soon. It’s getting bigger.

Just to give you an idea of how hot it is, the temperature at the Hoover Dam was 117 degrees fahrenheit. Thats about 47 degrees Celsius.

And that was in the SHADE! – God knows how much it actually was outside.





One Response to “Hotter than Hot”

  1. Dava Roopchand Says:

    Mate, you ARE Bill Gates. So, so rich. Wish I was you (without the gingerness thou).

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