British pub…


Last night we took Mike to a British Pub down in Santa Monica. He had fish and chips and a pint of Boddington.

We dropped Mike off at the airport this morning to let him get some sleep on the plane, while we have to go be touristy again.

Had an orange juice, coffee and can of red bull to keep me alive for a bit, so we are off to Venice Beach to look at the weird and beautiful and chill.



2 Responses to “British pub…”

  1. Margaret Paulisczak Says:

    Great memories for you all!

  2. spudgun tuohy Says:

    good man, nice pint of the black stuff.
    just to let you know some doc died of swine flu today, and he’s from dunstable !!
    so we might all be dead by the time you get back, nice knowing ya timbo …. sniff … have a guiness for all of us in the uk and remember us .. cough cough splut , squeeeeelllll !! dam pigs

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