Getting hot in hooters…


Back in Amarillo. More food tasting.

We are recommended some spicy chicken wings. Danny is unsure (about the food too), and is caught on camera trying them out to see if he will like em. We did.

Mmmmm chicken.



7 Responses to “Getting hot in hooters…”

  1. Dava Roopchand Says:


  2. Anonymous Says:

    m m m mmmmmmmmm….

  3. Danny Says:

    Yeah, the chicken was very nice… m m m mmmmmmmmm…

  4. muddybloke Says:

    very tasty indeed

  5. daniel bryson Says:

    tim wanted to marry that girl, god bless him

  6. daniel bryson Says:

    stop changing what i say he wanted to kidnap her,and then leave her in the desert somewhere

  7. daniel bryson Says:

    good plan

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