Salad sweats…


Arriving in Springfield, we hit the bars for some food and several drinks. Me and Luke went for the safety of a nice healthy US burger.

Danny ventured for a salad. The first salad of america……would it be healthy?

Luke watches Danny tuck in…


I’m not convinced Danny will survive it…


I was right……it beat him….

Looks soooo healthy doesn’t it just…..


Outside was practically the only bad weather we had on Route 66 – just a flash storm though, tipped it down! – But only for about half an hour.

Danny had to go outside to cool down after the salad. He really did.



3 Responses to “Salad sweats…”

  1. Mark Says:

    oh blimey! What exactly was in that salad!?

  2. muddybloke Says:

    a lot of sauce.

  3. misterjolly Says:

    not danny’s favourite sauce though.

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