The HD movie…

'Snap' goes the weasel

'Snap' goes the weasel

So it’s been a while, but finally we are nearly ready to unveil the Route 66 roadtrip footage. What you’ve seen so far is just stuff I recorded on my handheld normal digital camera. Luke has been through the 16 hours of HD footage that we took with his HD Camcorder. Did I mention it was in HD?

And has now cut it up into small segments ready to add to YouTube and then link on here.

He has cut it down to about 1hr 14 mins. So will be in several 10 min chunks.

Currently he is trying to convert it into a more web friendly HD format since the files are Huuuuuuuuuuge. So won’t be long. Especially since the idiot broke his leg jumping out of a plane recently, and as a result has 6 weeks off work with nowt to do. So he has plenty of time to finish it.

Oh yeh, and if you are reading this – Get back to finishing it Mr Hoppy! or i’ll move the furniture around.

Anyway, stay tuned.

fat handed twat


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