Route 66 – The Movie – Part 3


Part 3 is here…followed by the cops, bitten my HUGE ants and HEAT.

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4 Responses to “Route 66 – The Movie – Part 3”

  1. Skyring Says:

    Enjoying your video blog. October 2009, and I drove a Chrysler 300C down part of Route 66, so I’m fondly remembering that portion of the trip. We had the same GPS voice, and there was a lot of “recalculating, dammit!” going on whenever we steered off the beaten track. The occasional pieces of the original concrete roadbed were fun to drive on – for a short distance. Driving the whole thing without cruise control, airconditioning, CD player etc. must have been a challenge in the old days. So narrow! So few overtaking lanes! Like. None.

    Not sure about the World’s Biggest McDonalds. It has FOUR cash registers. Great position and all, but I’m quite sure that the one I write about in my blog is bigger. Still, we enjoyed the view and it was a visit to remember! We gassed up at the servo in the video, deep in the evening, smack in the middle of Oklahoma, with miles to go before we slept.

    Next year. My co-driver and I hire a Mustang (or buy a second hand NYC Yellow Cab) and drive the whole thing. I’ll direct him here to see how to do the video thing properly.

    I especially enjoyed the exterior shots, but I have to wonder just how you rigged up the camera to shoot on the move. It would have had to be a fairly sturdy mount.


  2. muddybloke Says:

    yep, we didnt even eat in the maccy d’s in the end we were that disappointed, we just got a load of evil snacks from that petol station – twinkies, snowballs and anything else thats looked typically american 🙂

  3. muddybloke Says:

    Regarding the camera, we simply had a suction based mount that we clamped on to different parts of the car.

    We soon found that clamping onto the glass was better since the metal had a bit of wobble to it.

    Just don’t yank it off lol! – It stays on pretty well.
    Also had a little red dot appear if it was coming loose. Never did though, but we kept checking 😉

  4. muddybloke Says:

    Ah was this…A hague camera support product.

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