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Day 15/16 – Santa Monica, California

July 9, 2009

Off to our last stop – Santa Monica, the last 5 hour trek.

Venice Beach, Hollywood, Beverly Hills! – Ahhhh we are so not gonna fit in. Will be like Beverly Hills Cop.

“Get the Fuck outta heeeere!’



Day 13/14 Las Vegas

July 7, 2009


Vegas baby! – today we drive to Vegas and i’m betting on Red, shooting something and eating more than I weigh. Bring it on!

A 5 hour trek, but somehow I imagine it’ll take longer so Luke can get us loooads of footage driving in. Plus we drive over the Hoover Dam!

Day 12 – Flagstaff, Arizona

July 6, 2009

Only 1.5 hours today. Meteor Crater is on the way – a huuuuuuge hole in the ground caused by a meteor (oddly enough) 50,000 years ago. 1265 metres wide.

Apparantly the tallest egyptian pyramid could easily fit into it. Last one to the middle’s a rotten egg!


Day 11 – Holbrook, Arizona

July 5, 2009

Today is hangover day.

Back to a longer trip, 5 hours to Holbrook. We might take a detour (famous last words) to Sky City, which is 30 miles in the other direction, but is the oldest ‘and most dramatically situated’ Indian Pueblo in New Mexico.

It’s a scene of splendid isolation and solitude. And now only a few people live there. spooky. Let’s GO!


Day 10 – Albuquerque

July 4, 2009

Hot dog…..jumping frog…..Albuquerque. That’s pretty much all I know about this place – a vague prefab sprout reference.

Only 1 hour on the road today. And what’s more it’s July 4th! – Independance Day. Big ‘ol day over in America, I’m sure we will find somewhere to party / gate crash.


Day 8/9 – Santa Fe

July 2, 2009

‘Do-you-know-the-way… to Santa José…….la la la la…….ok that’s the wrong place. But we are bound to be singing it anyway.

5 hours on the road today. Minimum I imagine. But a 2 day stay when we get there. The capital of New Mexico, this is proper ‘Hills have eyes’ country this.


Day 7 – Amarillo

July 1, 2009

Is this the way to Amarillo? – Might dare one of us to ask a local this on the way and see if they get punched.

Proper middle of nowhere place, cowboy roping and branding is the order of the day. Danny is gona fit right in.

7 hour drive though! – that’s if we find our way to the place and don’t get sidetracked into a Mel Brooks movie.



Day 6 – Tulsa/Broken Arrow

June 30, 2009

24 houuuuurs from Tuuuuulsa!

Ok maybe not. More like a 4 hour trip. The 2nd largest city in the state of Oklahoma!

Former Indian Country, Broken Arrow was named after the town’s Creek name – Rekackv (pronounced thlee-Kawtch-kuh), meaning broken arrow. Sounds Vulcan to me, you try saying that!?

Probably all have bumpy misshaped heads there too I imagine. At a guess.

Oklahoma! Oklahoma! Oklahoma!


Day 5 – Springfield, Missouri

June 29, 2009

Another Springfield today? – this time in Missouri though. confusing.

A 4 hour trip today. Though there are some caves on the way that could be worth a visit, let’s hope it doesn’t turn out like The Decent ey.

Turns out that Jesse James and his outlaw band used em to hide out in back in the day too, wadda yer kno.

Springfield, Missouri

Day 4 – St Louis

June 28, 2009
shwimmin anyone?

shwimmin anyone?

Off to St Louis today, 1 night here before we are off again. Only a 2 hour drive this time.

Here’s a shot of the famous St Louis Gateway Arch in the background of our next hotel – blatantly looks like someone has photoshopped it in the background, but after looking on googlemaps, if you spin around, it is RIGHT next to the hotel!